What Has Visioneers Been Up To?

The Third Division Champs, Visioneers begins their D2 campaign this Tuesday against Du-Runners. Visioneers is expected to cause ripples in their new division. Many skeptics think they do not have the experience to make any noticeable impact.

As a rookie to the division, yes there are couple of things new to them. One is that they will now have to play with 24 Seconds Shot Clock. Another new thing is that they will also be playing four quarters. A big difference from the two 15mins halves of last season in D3.

William Gittens, the sniper for the team, when asked about these new changes they will encounter, shrugged, saying, it means nothing!!!

Currently, while there is a lot of movement of players between teams, they have been successful in staying together. All their players are returning except Jay Verdier who is outside the country on study. In a communication to Jay, he said, my name remains on the roster. I will return and contribute.

So who replaces Jay? Or has Visioneers been out recruiting? This should be very necessary cause the competition in D2 is stiff. Words are some teams are even building only cause of the threat Visioneers pose to the division.

A new acquire to the team is Fedolph Marshall, aka. Uptown Marshall. He was initially recruited to Vision Shooters of the same organization as Visioneers, but upon his strong performance at the Mama Jama Tournament, which they won, it was decided he gets called to Visioneers. Evidence of this in-game dunk in the final!!!


Another addition is Seydou S.Kromah, who got recruited from a video he posted on Twitter. He is a young 15 years old who is showing great potential. Is he going to fit in the system is only a test of time. With these two young additions, Visioneers seems to be the team with the youngest players as most of them are now between 15 – 19 years old.

Don’t miss their season opener. They are expected to continue what they started in D3. Or will the Runners spoil their debut? Why not be there and don’t be told!!!!

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