“We are the best team, we will win,” says Jonathan Nagbe about Mighty Barrolle Chances Against LPRC Oilers On Sunday


Date Time League Season
January 17, 2021 6:00 pm Male Division One 2020/2021 LBA Season

Mighty Barrolle and LPRC Oilers has met countless times. There are many fond memories of their meeting. It is debatable, to date, the winning  record between the two. Some may say Oilers has more bragging right, but then it depends which side of the greens you stand.

One thing that is surely expected when both meet is a basketball spectacle!

Barrolle is on a four game winning streak. Oilers has won last three games after their season opening lost against NPA Pythons. Oilers is currently averaging 82pts while Barrolle averages 62pts. But in points against, Barrolle has allow 35pts per average compare to Oilers 52pts.Barrolle and

With the coming of foreign imports Kone and Bashir the bookmakers definitely  has Barrolle to win the day. We caught up with Jonathan Nagbe, captain of Mighty Barrolle, after Monrovia Blazers win against Cestors Mongars, and asked him about his two foreign imports; “We are expecting one more tonight, Senegal!

Jonathan Nagbe has been playing for 22 seasons in the LBA, winning three championships with various teams including Barrolle.

“We are not just looking at this game,” Jonathan Nagbe went on. “We are looking to putting Liberia back on the map.”

About their chances on winning the encounter, he remarked simply, “It’s basketball. Let the ball do the talking. One thing I can assure you the best team will win.”

Is Barrolle the best team?

“Yes! We are the best team and we will win!” He answered.

Coach T. Ignatius Moore of LPRC Oilers when reached on phone, brushed off saying, he know his side will win the day. “We don’t have foreign players but we believe in ourselves we have what it takes to defeat Barrolle.”

Now it’s your bet. Who you gat winning this? Lets know in the comment session.

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