Wallace Seongbae: “We (Monrovia Blazers) Believe In Ourselves.”

Wallace Seongbae ‘s Monrovia Blazers is finally playing Division One basketball. Not like that it is their first time qualifying, but some years back they qualified but had to relinquish their position cause of financial issues.

Last year Monrovia Blazers came 1st Runner-Up thus automatic qualification into D1. This time to stay.

Losing their inaugural three games seems like a baptism of fire. Monrovia Blazers lost to Harbel Pointers in their opener, follow by defeats to Mighty Barrolle and Bushrod Bulls.

Then came the turn around, Monrovia Blazers since their last lost is now riding on a three games winning streak! Victories over Commissioners, Desert Knights and Cestors Mongars has built confidence in their camp. Liberiabasketball.com met up with Wallace Seongbae, skipper of the team:

“We believe in ourselves. We have the kind of players that is needed to compete.”

Wallace Seongbae, has played many years in the arena of basketball here in Liberia. He is commonly known by the name Sniper cause of his sharp shooting skill. With such ability you would think he should be playing on bigger named teams.

“I have had offers from bigger teams, but I am satisfy in taking smaller teams to the bigger stage. I have a very committed spirit to Monrovia Blazers.”

Monrovia Blazers 2020

Which is definitely true. He is today surrounded by a totally new cast. Over 80% of the players who qualified Monrovia Blazers with him are currently signed with different clubs.

“Yes it’s true. We had a crisis. But we are over it now and focus on making this team work together. I am there as the most capped player of Monrovia Blazers to offer leadership.”

Monrovia Blazers is currently at sixth position on the table. That’s just about it to make the second round if the first rounds ends today. Their next match is against defending champion NPA Pythons today.


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