Visioneers Shines Against Du-Runners (VIDEO)

Visioneers showed mental toughness in not only their season debut but division as well! Visioneers went off to a flying start with a poster dunk by W. Gittens after he stole the ball and ran down the court, hotly pursuit. He leapt for a rim shaking dunk that sent the fans bananas!

Visioneers then went cold after that, with series of turnovers. They couldn’t same to find a rhythm and their opponents took advantage of that and took the quarter easily, 16-9.

The second quarter showed Visioneers came to ball. They switched their defensive mentality and played a full court press. This got the guards of Du-Runners off balance and couldn’t get in their offensive flow. W. Gittens continued been aggressive and scored 11 of his 20pts in the first half which ended 36-25 in favor of Du-Runners.

The third quarter was a total turn around. With a sustained pressure defense, Du-Runners could only manage 11pts while Visioneers went on to score 26pts. C. Young lived on the freethrow line. He scored nine if his 15pts from the charity stripe.

Young rookies showed great expectation. F. Marshal had 5PTs, 8RBDs, 2BLKs and 1TO coming off the bench in 27mins. The highlight of his game was a chased-down block after he had turn the ball over.

S. Kromah, contributed despite playing a mere 5mins. He made two hard drives to the basketball which lead to 3-4 free throws attempts. He also raked 4 rebounds.



Up Next Visioneers: Wednesday, December 23, 2020 Game 2 Vs Sac Base 5:00 pm
Up Next Du-Runners: Sunday, December 27, 2020 Game 2 Vs. Cape Mount Wizards 5:00 pm

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