Varfley Corneh Laments Basketball Exclusion

Varfley Corneh is a well known name in the Liberia basketball fraternity. Many aged old followers as well as recent followers are aware of his stance regarding basketball. He is very passionate about the game.

Spiro Jiaro as he is commonly called played at the highest level in Liberia. From club teams to the national team he has left his mark. He is also known to currently own couple of teams as well as coach them. After many years of playing he diverted to coaching and mentoring of young players and coaches.

He has also had experience in the running of basketball by various administrations of the Liberia Basketball Association.

The County Meet has been in existent for many years. The tournament which was coined by then President Samuel Doe was a means to bring together Liberians in a fun, sporting environment. It was about fostering unity.

The County Meet has the following sport disciplines; soccer, kickball, track and field as well as basketball. But in recent times, it has been clearly notice that basketball continues to be missing. A lot has been put into organizing the “Meet” but yet still basketball is not included.

In not so distant past, the exit of basketball was solely blame on the then Anderson administration. But since the emergence of a new administration it seems we are still in the same ditch.

Varfley Corneh is now putting his thoughts to the whole issue. In a Facebook post on his page, he wrote:

No money again…? Or
No interest again….?
Is this not the national county meets which is being sponsored by tax payers money? It’s better not to have a national county meets than to have a county football tournament.
To all fairness what is the impact of the county meet now? When we participated before… there were great fraternity and reconciliation among the peaceful and loving people of our great nation. Additionally, we had fun and players in all the participating disciplines were scouted for our youth teams and development.
From my view the people or nation is not reconcile because of the controversy nature of the last county meets..
The other disciplines are not happy.. most especially BASKETBALL. During the 12 years leadership of madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf…. with all the CORRUPTIONS…we had all the disciplines participating in 11 years of her regime….. but why not now?
We have a sports president and the best part of the whole story…. he loves and play basketball. We also have a sports ministry that plays both football and basketball.
So what is the true story and why?

In response to his post, a few commented. “I think the momentum for basketball is very low,” Garrison Koikoi Jallah chiped in.

Stonecipher B. Mulbah added, “I was told by Ayee Wilson that Basketball was included recently. Varfley Corneh if you have his number, please call him for confirmation.

In response to Coach Stone, Coach Spiro wrote:

my brother I listened to minister wilson on spoon FM saying the county say the money they received from government is not enough to bring the other disciplines… what I also heard from him was that the amount for each county is … either 7 or17,000..USD. stone the county meets is a government initiatives so they should fund all disciplines or forget about it. However they know what they are doing

The debate will continue until we hear from the federation or other reliable sources that yes there will be basketball in the County Meet. Now we are wondering…do we really need government intervention for basketball to be a part of the CM? Why can’t we market the tournament and have counties support their own teams? What are your suggestions? Comment below to let us know.

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  1. Basketball should be given equal rights as soccer in the county meet

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