Tony Kaba Three Points Barrage Sinks Commissioners

You live by the three, you die by the three. Modern basketball is currently about taking the long shot. There are many players one will find working on their three-point game. From guards, forwards to even bigs. The trey has made names for many ball players. When the name Steph Curry comes up in basketball conversation, his three points shooting abilities is paramount in the discourse.

Tony Kaba found himself in the zone. Although he came off the bench, Tony Kaba was the game changer. This night would not be like other nights for the likes of James Baker and John Reed Jr. Therefore someone had to step up and Tony Kaba was there to fill in.


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Brain Matthew Nyangbe started the scoring for Harbel Pointers, making his field goal attempt. His basket was follow by Al Dominic Dunbar Jr. three pointer. Brain Matthew Nyangbe also hit a three pointer immediately after. The sign that this might be a special shooting night was beginning to unfold.

Vacanarat Palmer of Commissioners

Commissioners also didn’t want to go down without a fight. Vacanarat Palmer has become the persona factor for Commissioners. He kept the score close by scoring 6pts in the opening quarter. Vacanarat Palmer had 17pts 2asts in their loss.

What is beautiful in the win for Harbel Pointers was their unselfish style of play. Ball movement at certain time without a single dribble and finding the open man. Harbel Pointers had thirty-three assists as a team compared to Commissioners 20. Both teams did share the ball. Highlight for the night was a John Reed Jr no-look behind the back bounce pass in the paint for an easy bucket for B. Smallwood (9pts, 2asts, 2blks, 1rbd).

John Reed Jr had 2pts to go along with 4 assists. He seems to be in a funk or as he told us earlier, awaiting bigger games.

Harbel Pointers showed dominance on the glass as they out rebounded Commissioners. Surprisingly, Commissioners recorded zero rebounds. You got me right, zero!

Harbel Pointers made it rain. They shot 37.5% from three points areas, making 12 of 32. Commissioners were cold from behind the arc making only 1 from 12 attempts.

Tony Kaba had six of Harbel Pointers twelve attempts. He was 6 of 11 on his way to securing 28pts, 8asts, managing to turn the ball over only twice. Tony Kaba was 4-6 from 2pts land. He made all two of his free throws.

Brain Matthew Nyangbe contributed 16pts, 4asts and a block. He also turned the ball over four times.

J. Baker carried off the court

James Baker was quiet on the scoring end but active as a facilitator. There was a scary moment with 3:26 remaining in the third quarter when he collided with Commissioners captain, Abraham Kamara. He fell on the floor, rolling over, grasping unto his knees.

James Baker had 9pts, 4asts, 2rbds. He will not return to the game after the collision. met him after the game; I’ll be alright, he assured his fans.

Commissioners were 10-20 from the charity stripes. This shows that they were aggressive. H. Pointers were 6-10.

Harbel Pointers made 21 of 42 two points attempts while Commissioners, with more attempts, had 20 of 52.

Both teams turned the ball over with Commissioners having 14 to Harbel Pointers 11.

With the lost, Commissioners finds themselves languishing yet again at the bottom of the table. With word going round that there will be relegation this season, and if that happens today, Commissioners will be welcome back to Division Two.

Harbel Pointers has two top match-ups yet, Mighty Barrolle and defending Champions, NPA Pythons. The Tapper Boys are already in the second round but looking to finish strong against one of the unbeaten. will have all the coverage in those crackers.




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