Third Division Showing Strong Promises

Bushrod Dreams During A Time Out

Most big names one hears in the Liberian basketball circle started playing their trade mostly in the third division. It is a division where many young athletes begin to experience constructive organize basketball. For many their first year in the division is a baptism of fire while others seem to sail through and then collapse in the latter rounds.

Teams and players are made in this division, like in recent times, Visioneers, who won the division last season on a 21-1 record. With their only loss coming by way of T.S. Warriors who many had expected to join Visioneers in qualifying for the 2nd Division.

T.S. Warriors are favorite to take the division this 2021 season. It will be a herculean task been that there are 22 teams register in the division. The teams will play each other thus giving a 21 games per team fixture.

T.S. Warriors has won their three games to start the season. What is standing out is the manner in which they are winning it. T.S. Warriors are having their opponents to score the fewest points average ever! Their opponents are currently averaging 8PTS against them while they are scoring 31PTS in average. focus on them as favorite cause many of the other teams are new to the division, and usually it takes a team one or two seasons before their players are mature enough to make a run for the D2.

Royal Legends on the other hand are writing a narrative of their own. They are currently leading all after securing four straight win. They are doing it on both ends of the floor as well. Scoring buckets and locking down their defense. Royal Legends are averaging 54PTS for and 20PTS against. This is a team will be following closely this season.

The boys from ELWA are another favorite in the division. Last season they were the bullies of the division, although they didn’t make it out of the division but their side looks just as much ready to carry the day at the end of the season. They have also won their first three games averaging 42PTS for and 25PTS against.

T-Gray, LBA Division III

While most of the teams are from in and around Monrovia, with some just outside Monrovia in the Paynesville belt, there is T-Gray, which travel from Gbarnga, the capital of Bong County, to Monrovia for their matches. It is a three hours, four max to get to Monrovia. Their style of basketball is vastly different from their Monrovia counterparts. They run a lot of fast breaks. It is amazing to be able to run such breaks after sitting in a cramp bus for hours on way to the game. They are currently 1-1, winning their season debut but loosing the next. This is a team worth following the rest of the season as they have some big kids who so far has shown talent.

Make sure you follow the fixtures as well as the standings of all these young talents.

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