Teddy Bangura Leaving Harbel Pointers?

Teddy Bangura was noticeably  absent from the Harbel Pointers lineup in yesterday’s win against Monrovia Pistons. The 6’0″ point guard was later found in the stands wearing street clothes. Teddy Bangura has a following of his own in the basketball circle.

Teddy Bangura work with a lot of youth developing their basketball skills. He serves as a youth coach in the Monrovia YMCA vacation basketball program. Teddy can also be seen daily in the YMCA gym which he manages.

Coach Tristan of Junta Court, located inside the New Port Junior High had this to say about Teddy. “I will call him unfulfilled potential. He has a special game but it seems he still is finding solution in getting to his full potential.”

Teddy is a student of the game. He watches closely and when he sees something to add to his game, he works on it.

Teddy is a workaholic. At practice he will give his all. Calling plays and acting as a floor general. Before coming to Harbel Pointers he was a part of the Bushrod Bulls squad.

“Tomorrow, officials of Bushrod Bulls will be coming for my clearance,” Teddy told us. He continued, “I want to return home. I put in a lot of work but it seems not good enough for Theo (sic) to see”

Followers of basketball can attest that before then, each time Harbel Pointers is playing, there is always chant from the crowd, “Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!” Their chant they believe will propel the coach to give Teddy playing time.

What are your thoughts on his premature exit?

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