Still Unsigned, Patrick Monxhwedey Makes Case

Patrick Monxhwedey is a new comer in the Liberian basketball scene. Patrick Monxhwedey who returned to Liberia some while back has the necessary experience any coach would need on his team. The chap has played AAU basketball in the USA. He also played Division II college basketball about ten years ago.

Patrick Monxhwedey spent his last two seasons with Harbel Pointers before deciding to leave the team to ply his craft elsewhere.

“I felt Harbel Pointers is going into a different direction, and that is the reason why I have decided to switch team,” Patrick Monxhwedey told us when we caught up with him. He chose Mighty Barrolle and began workout, practices and scrimmages with the team.

His trial period with Mighty Barrolle started before the COVID-19 pandemic.

All through out the “lock down” Patrick Monxhwedey spent considerable amount of his time getting into shape. Although there was a band on all sporting activities, he still went jogging and engaged in other cardio and stamina routine. Many times one would see him at an empty community court putting in work.

‘Blac,’ as he is commonly called, regain his trials with Mighty Barrolle when the ban on sporting activities were relaxed. He was at every practice, coming in sooner then most signed players. Pure sign of a player committed  to his would-be team.

It is currently a surprise to everyone that Patrick Monxhwedey is yet to suit for Mighty Barrolle five games into the season. Upon investigation we also found out that he is yet to be registered by the team.

“Right now I am still training with Barrolle. They have three foreign players coming in and that will bring their total roster number to 15. I am still hanging in there to hopefully get a call”

Patrick Monxhwedey expressed that yes he is still a free agent but his focus is on making the team of Mighty Barrolle.  “I am trying to do as hard as I can to make sure that my name get on that roster,” he said.

Coach Tristan in his opinion believes Patrick Monxhwedey has an anger management issue. The coach for Junta court believes that once it is work on the player will be able to excel.

“Blac has a good game. But he needs to work on his anger.” Coach Tristan said when asked his thoughts on why one of his Junta boys, Patrick Monxhwedey was yet to sign.

Patrick Monxhwedey reluctantly in response to Coach Tristan, commented saying, “I do get angry at times at the practice ground. But when you follow me throughout the league I don’t get [technical fouls]”

On his overview regarding Liberia basketball, Patrick Monxhwedey acknowledge that there is a lot of potential.

“Under the right leadership it can get bigger and better.”

He acknowledged the fact that he might be having not much left and is looking into retirement after two more seasons.

“I want to play for another two seasons. Upon retirement, I would like to enter into coaching and perhaps own a team. I have the passion to develop young players once they are willing to learn and listen. My future lies in basketball,” he concluded.

Richard A. Dorley, the assistant captain of Mighty Barrolle take on the whole issue is that, the head coach has not interacted much with Patrick.

“All through his practice with us, it is the assistant coach, Coach Aryee who has been interacting with him. Now that Coach Assad is regular at practice we believe very soon he will get called.”

Should Patrick continue waiting for the call or justify elsewhere? Let us know in the comment section below.


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