Sac-Base Been Overlooked?

Sac-Base Small Forward, Fredrick Karpeh, like many players in the various divisions believe in their team. The Sac-Base small forward in a post to Facebook Page commented:

Sac-base is being overlook by everyone in the league but yesterday Monday 4 2021 they did the unthinkable they had the greatest comeback ever in the history of LBA defeating the Kardinals who had the lead by 22pts

Yes, that is a fact. Kardinal blew away a 16pts lead and lost the game. It was a total breakdown for the Kardinal lads when Sac-Base decided to go one on one defense.

“Sac Base is a great team who is in full readiness to win the LBA league ll.The team has a bit of struggle over players issue n let the league watch out for the Base tomorrow Wednesday 6 2021 Wizard is in trouble ,” he continued.

Sac-Base will today face yet to win, newly promoted side Cape Mount Wizards. Wizards is looking to get their first win against a D2 side.

The Sac-Base man concluded:

The Base “We go Hard or We go Home”

They are currently 2-1 and riding on a one game win streak.

We hear you big man! We not sleeping on your but we watching closely a very tough division you vow to conquer.

Can they win this “dog-eat-dog” division? Comment your thoughts below.

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