Road To Top 6; Shaky Grounds for Some Teams in D2

Division Two from time since has been known as a very competitive division. There is not a outright favorite to win until late in the season when the playoff is reached. The division is known for causing upsets sush as Cape Mount Wizards victory over fast rising Visioneers, who won D3 last season.

As the table currently stands, Kardinals is sitting at the 6th and final spot to make it to the second round. They are there without, in as much, lifting a finger. Kardinals has played all of their games for the first round, winning three (3) and loosing (6). Last week Kardinals was at the 7th position but with Sac Base loosing their last four games, it has caused a shift in ranking in the division.

Currently Sac Base, Bong Shooters and Barnesville Dragons has each played seven (7) games, winning two (2) and loosing (5). Each of them has two games left on their schedule. A win for Sac Base today against Star One will boost their chances of qualification. Sac Base will also have a must win for both teams when they meet Monrovia Rockets on this coming Wednesday. Monrovia Rockets will be coming off a back to back with Raiders.

Bong Shooters will today face Du-Runners who are already in the second round, currently sitting at the third position.

Of the three teams who has played seven (7) games, Bong Shooters is favorite to emerge to the second round. That will all depend if they can win their remaining two matches against Du-Runners, B. Dragons.

Do you think Bong Shooters can pull the surprise and qualify? What are the chances of Sac Base? Comment and let us know you prediction below.

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  1. Fred v.b. Smith

    We are Sac-Base. This season we are going to do the unexpected, trust the process don’t panic when you see us in the playoffs. ✊ We move

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