Raiders & Visioneers Set For Jan 31 Showdown!

Raiders and Visioneers are the only two unbeaten teams in the Division Two of the Liberia Basketball Association. Both teams are currently automatically qualified for the second round of the 2020/2021 league season.

Basketball followers are divided on which team is better and can walk away with the win come Jan 31.

Raiders has been winning with wide margins in all their victories. Visioneers has also been winning with margins but not as wide as Raiders has been in recent times. One thing is clear between the two teams and that is experience.

Raiders has many players who has been on the scene for ages. A couple of them even left Division One to play. They also have those who been playing in Division Two for some seasons now.

Visioneers on the other hand, spent two seasons in D3 before coming to D2. They won the D3 championship last season in style. Winning 21 of their 22 games. They even had a 17 games win streak at certain period in the league.

There are still many doubters who believe that Visioneers might even be unable to qualify for the First Division. Usually, it is the finalists of the D2, both who makes it to the next high up level. At the rate both teams are playing, it might just be them both if things continues as it is.

There are other fans who also think even if Visioneers makes it to D1 they should relinquished their spot and spend another season in D2. Their assertion is base on the fact that the players average age is 18.

Yet still, the question remains who is the best? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Coach Claudias is actually doing good for these guys, hope they make impact in our LBA and also push us out there! As for the 31st, am going to cheers the kids to victory 💪🏿🕺🏿

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