Pythons Triumph Over Oilers in Season Opener!!!!

. National Port Authority boys, Pythons won against their nemesis Oilers. Many are saying it is the first time in the last five seasons. Emmanuel Paye (#11) remarked, since joining the team, this is my first victory against Oilers.

The game started on a slow pace with both teams sizing each other. Pythons took a quick lead which was taken form them by the end of the quarter.

Fans in attendance, mostly quiet then were unaware of the cracker that would begin the second quarter ongoing and they were not let down. Both teams played one of the most hard fought basketball seen in a while. Every loose ball was fought for on the floor and every shot contested.

The third quarter saw Pythons having a 10-0 run and all felt that it had decided the out come. That was not the case…in the fourth quarter, Oilers came back harder and erased the lead. They then took a two points lead. At 70 points a piece and less then a minute to play, Pythons skipper, Joel, had a drive lay in that was a decider. Oilers had last possession but a strong defense had them missed a contested shot and the crowd went bananas as the whistle went off!!!

Congrats on your win Pythons, as they play again tomorrow in a back to back against Monrovia Pistons.

(Photos & Videos Credit: 231 Ballife)

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