Postponement of Sunday Games Brings Mix Reactions has been monitoring the social media streams since we announced that the games for tomorrow Sunday has been cancelled/postponed. Many are of the notion that county meet has nothing to do with basketball since the authorities had decided to not include it for the past four meets.

Many players, fans and well-wishers are in dismay that the LBA had to give in to the Sports Ministry request.

Speaking with heavy heart on the whole issue, Coach Varfley Corneh, a long time coach and hall of famer for Liberian basketball posted on his Facebook wall, in strong words:

This is a complete nonsense…. I am flabbergasted and it baffle me to know that the LBA agreed to the nonsense that one of the biggest game of the preliminary round of the LBA league have been postponed because of a county football tournament final., leaving the basketball fans with a DOOM face…. where do they go for their Sunday relaxation… basketball has her own fans and the same goes to football…why and how could the LBA allowed this nonsense. So only the football people needs money to run their OPS. However this too is Liberia but it is a test that the LBA have let the basketball public down.


Victor Divork Origi Nhe, a player currently in the LBA D1 responded to the coach’s post; “I back u sir…I was shocked too….there is absolutely no sense in what the LBA did…..complete disgrace to the whole basketball community. …I know that they will continue to tell the LBA to cancel Some game again once Liberia is playing…..不不不不

T. Kla Wesley Jr, a sports journalist post also drew a lot of comments when he announced the postponement of the game.

Matthew Gbamore in his response; “Why should the game date very change? Don’t the Minister know that basketball has it’s own fans in Liberia? Wednesday is not a good day for such a game so I will strongly suggest the game put to the weekend then. This has been one of the biggest basketball games in the country and will always be.”
Below are some comments screen shots as well:


Not everyone is against the postponement. Some argue that it is a national event and as a result every other sporting event should be halted for the County Meet Final.

It all depends which area of interest you find yourselves but for us at we wish the game had been kept to schedule.

“My whole family is planning to come and watch Visioneers play on Sunday,” Precious, a player for Vision Angels said on Saturday before the cancellation of the game.

What are your thoughts, will the cancellation hamper the already interest which had started to grow? Let us know your comments below.

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