Players Should Benefit From LBA Income?

A discussion is slowly creeping up. Players are now asking questions they didn’t asked in the past or if they did it was undertone. The issue is regarding the right for players to benefit from income generated by the LBA.

A post in the chatroom, ‘Talk Basketball,’ a platform gear towards discussing basketball related issues in the country drew our attention.


Patrick Logan, guard of Monrovia Blazers remarked:

This is something we as players need to look at, we play in the League and they (LBF) sell our performance to our fans and give us nothing back as player but they (LBF) still take money from us at the door , who are we ? I we Salve(sic) to game we love ?
What a shame

Patrick’s remark is clear. He further went on,

We work on our performance just get they audince they get money from and they still take money from us we look For money for them
What a liberia

Patrick also posted his concern on the Liberia Basketball Association page and received couple of responses.

Let us know your thoughts on this matter in the comment session.

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