(Full Video) Mighty Barrolle Steamroll LPRC Oilers Despite Samuel Kpanie Scoring 27pts

This is bigger then Mighty Barrolle, LPRC Oilers and every other big teams out there. This was a big night. A night not seen for a while in the Liberia basketball circle. A night where the old and new mixed. So many faces in the crowd!

Basketball is back!!!!

First of all, thanks to the fans cause without them the game is nothing. Coaches, players, and all entangle in basketball owes it all to the fans. And that is why they, the fans, don’t care if you practice or not.

They just want their game!!!

Mighty Barrolle and LPRC Oilers give more then that!!! A game to be talk about for time to come!

Both teams were greeted with earthshaking cheers as they enter the Sports Commission. Mighty Barrolle first enter and were already warming up when LPRC Oilers came. It was clear there and then that the fans were already pumped, awaiting action from both teams.

“Bulldog” lead off the floor after sustaining an injury

Within the first 30secs, the game had to be stopped. S. Davidson, aka Bulldog got hit in the ribs while driving in the lane. He collapsed signalling for medical attention. He was lead of the floor into the dressing-room. Later upon consultation by the medical team present, it was advice he be taken to the hospital.

S. Davidson will later return to the game venue but in street clothes with evidence visible where he had taken an infusion. He will not return to the game.

With Bulldog off the floor and not in the rotation, LPRC Oilers will have to settle for a different game plan.

Mighty Barrolle had started the game with two of their foreign imports. Omar from Senegal came off the bench. Barrolle, taking an early lead was a joy to their fans but LPRC Oilers were determined to put up a fight despite their ace veteran not in the rotation. Someone will need to stepup and show leadership on the floor.

Ernest Bestman and Samuel Kpanie tried to fill that gap. Both were the only player in the first quarter to score for LPRC Oilers. Bestman with  3pts, on his way to scoring 7pts, shooting 2-11 from the field 1-3 from 3pts range and 2-2 at the free-throw line. Samuel Kpanie scored 4pts in the first quarter on his way to leading all scorers with 27pts, 3asts, 1rbd, 1blk, 1TO. He was 7-24 from the field while shooting 7-16 from the free throw-line.


LPRC Oilers716151856
Mighty Barrolle1213172264

Mighty Barrolle never give the lead up in this encounter. They took an early lead and held on to it the entire game. LPRC Oilers did tied the score once and were alway within striking distance but never had that extra firepower to cause a serious run to upset their opponents. Mighty Barrolle imports were pushed to their wits. It wasn’t walk in the park for them. Except two thundering poster dunks from Omar and Bashir over shot-stopper M. Toure in the second quarter, Oilers were able to have them in foul trouble and placed them in uncomfortable positions to exploit the Oilers defense.

Bashir Bella (Guinea) had 7pts, 6rbds, 1ast, 1TO shooting 2-5 from the field while 3-7 from the free-throw line. Omar Samba (Senegal)5pts, 7rbds, 1ast, 4TO, shooting 2-6 from the field and 1-1 from the charity stripes. B. Kone (Ivory Coast) had 4pts, 7asts, 2rbds.

M. Vincent was Mr Big Shots for the night! With 15pts, 1rbd, 1ast 1TO. We give him the MVP for the night for two big shots he made in the fourth quarter. With Mighty Barrolle up by just two points with less then three minutes to go, M. Vincent hit a jumpshot to extend the lead to four. On the subsequent play he also hit a three pointer after a razzle dazzle move that had the crowd go wild.

Crowd Rush the Court in Barrolle Win

It was another bad shooting night for R. Dorley. He missed all five attempts from beyond the arc, but was able to contribute 8pts, shooting 3-14. He also raked five rebounds, two been offensive.

Asst Coach Aryee of Mighty Barrolle in a post game interview said,” Our imports are not yet gel with the team. As you can see, Omar just came in yesterday. We will have some practices in readiness for our next game.

Watch the full game below. Live recording by 231Ballife


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