Mighty Barrolle Rolls, Desert Knights Folds

Mighty Barrolle, one of the most followed clubs in Liberia’s basketball were last night in action against Desert Knights. Mighty Barrolle was also using the match to unveil their newly acquired point guard from the Ivory Coast.

As usual, fans trooping in had already predicted an easy win for the Rollers.

“If this is Winners Bet, the odd for Mighty Barrolle will be 1.05,” stated a fan. “Desert Knight will be 10.90,” he concluded.

That alone shows Mighty Barrolle as a heavy favorite. But would that put fear in the hearts of the Knights?

Desert Knights in Division Two was known as a team with physical toughness. With most of the players looking very similar to body builders, they bullied their way on to win the division. But we were yet to see such aggression since coming to the ‘big boys’ in their D1 campaign.

Desert Knights were who we know them to be from the jump ball. Their hustle and fighting spirit was back! That was a sign Mighty Barrolle soon realized and dug in for a long night.

All eyes were set on B. Cone. He showed some flashes with his passes. His patience was notably noted. Perhaps too patient which led to a couple of turn overs, five in total. But he was able to give some very flashy assists, seven in total. B. Cone had 5pts shooting 2-4 from two points. He was dead cold from beyond the arc. He missed all six of his attempts. EFF 0, +/- 16

It was a ding dong battle as Mighty Barrolle and Desert Knights changed leads 13 times. Until Rollers were able to in the fourth quarter finally showed vast experience.

Standing tall in the match to divert the disaster was the skipper of Mighty Barrolle, F. Fayiah. Fayiah stepped-up when he was really needed especially in the closing quarter of the game. He scored 11 pts in that quarter. Leading all scorers with 16pts, 4reb, 1ast, with an EFF of 12 and  +/- 8

R. Dorley and M. Ahmed also scored in double figures, 12 apiece. But Dorley had a rough night missing all of his five attempts from beyond the arc.

Not taking anything away from Desert Knights, it was a great night for Matthew. Shooting 57.1% from the two points going 4 of 7. he was also 66.7% from the charity stripe. He lead his team with 11pts, 5rbd but didn’t do well with the ball as he had 6TOV.


Desert Knight141217851
Mighty Barrolle1713112364

Full Team Stats:

Barrolle Shooting Chart

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  1. Nice.
    But just a little correction, Jonathan Nagbe is the captain of Barrolle. And It’s Ben *Kone.

    • Thanks very much. Well noted! We took the info as it was on the score sheet. As Jonathan was not a starter probably reason why F. Fayiah was marked as the captain. Good game last night.

  2. Trasie Bankz

    Good fight Knights

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