Mighty Barrolle Foreign Import Arrives!!!

Mighty Barrolle has increase their odds in winning the championship by recruiting a foreign base player.

It has been rumor weeks ago that Barrolle was in the planning stage of bringing in three imports. The speculation increased when the Coach Assad of Mighty Barrolle was seen at the game between Harbel Pointers vs Monrovia Blazers.

Mighty Barrolle coach was seen sitting surrounded by his player and a strange face. It was later confirmed that he is in to beef-up the front court of Mighty Barrolle. A guard, in-fact a point guard? There must be something special about him then, a stander-by stated.

On Sunday, the Junta Court located inside the New Port Junior High on Newport Street, held it’s annual New Year Day Celebration. The Junta Court has seen many of Liberia’s Hall of Famers in action. The court is a scrimmage ground for ballers in and around Monrovia on Sundays and Holidays.

Those in attendance, including the head coach of the Junta Court, Coach Tristan, were amaze with Mighty Barrolle import player. Ben Conneh as we now know him is from the Ivory Coast. He has a lot of experience with both international and local caps. The combo guard has played at the top level in his home country and Mighty Barrolle is sending a statement here.

“This is challenge to all our point guards in the country,” remarked Coach Tristan watching him play. “He plays like a true point guard”

Such words coming from one of the coaching doyens in the country should be taken seriously. Rollers just might have a gem awaiting to shine in Liberia.

Yesterday evening Ben was spotted at the YMCA Indoor gym putting in shots. Coach Assad was also in attendance as the team was practicing harder for their next match-up.

When query if there was any other imports in the horizon, Sonpon, the medic of Mighty Barrolle chuckled, “We having two more coming! You will see!”

Last year Mighty Barrolle had a single import. A pivot player from Nigeria who dominated the paint. Now three imports?

What do you think is the Rollers chances in the 2020/2021 season? Are they gonna roll to the championship? Let us know in your comment below.

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  1. James Kumeh

    We winning this year!!!

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