Matches Preview: Barrolle vs Blazers; Oilers vs Pointers

Saturday and Sundays Comes Alive! On Saturday, Mighty Barrolle will be making their season debut against Blazers. This is the outing a lot of basketball fans are looking forward to. Barrolle known for their fighting spirit will be looking to make a kind of impression which will send signal to the rest of the division that this is their year.

On the other hand, newly promoted Monrovia Blazers will be looking for redemption after loosing their season opener to Harbel Pointers. “We have shaken off our debut lost,” said the Blazers captain. “Our first game was an introduction to the division and now that we have tasted how it is, we are now hungry to for the win,” he concluded.

Barrolle vs Blazers is schedule to start at 6PM.

On Sunday, further fireworks is expected at the open air Sports Commission!!!! Sensational LPRC Oilers will be taking on the “Chinese Boys” of Harbel Pointers. Pointers coming off a hard fought victory against Blazers. The debate is whether Oilers can humiliate Pointers as they did to Commissioner. In their last match, the “Oil Boys” won by 99pts margin.

After the Christmas chicken eating, it’s time to get back to watching basketball…see you there!

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