Match Preview: John Reed Jr. & Co Takes On Pistons

John Reed Jr. and the Harbel Pointers continues action today at the Sports Commission and we are here to give you a preview of coming attraction.

Monrovia Pistons will be looking to secure their second win in a row behind veteran forward Samson Slewion.

We reported on Samson Slewion season debut as we promised to follow he and the Pistons on their Cinderella story. The energy in the Pistons camp is high after that win and a check on Social Media proves that.

Others who will be supporting the big veteran will be another favorite, ‘The Beast From The East’ as well as Prince Melo.

Prince Melo has already started to live rent-free in the head of Harbel Pointers! As is usual, he posted another controversial post which got the attention of ace player, John Reed Jr. Prince posted:

Tomorrow Monrovia Pistons gonna be flogging Chen chun chan wan haha D Chinese pekin dem

John Reed Jr responded with a line of laughing emojis and both threw jabs at each other. That only means the battle has started from the blue app and will spill on the floor today.

Harbel Pointers, with their fast growing fan base has been rumored to have brought in another Liberian player base in China who recently arrived.

On trying to verify the information, we contacted Frederick Myers, “Why didn’t you take your camera to our practice?” he inquired. “Well, tomorrow you will see for yourself.”

We hear you Myers! We expecting Harbel Pointers to suit up other China base which includes James Baker, Brian Matthew Nyangbe and of course John Reed Jr.

John Reed Jr is that player which brings a lot of excitement to the game. His style of play has won him many admirers in the basketball community. He is one player who is always mobile on the floor. You will find him getting under the skins of his opponents, dashing and flashing passes as well as tip toeing with his scatter steps in the defense of his opponents.

John Reed Jr is truly a team player with the true quality of a point guard thus making him an all-round player.

We will be following closely tonight and will give you the action as it unfolds in our post match episode.

Who do you have winning? Comment below.

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