Match Preview: Bushrod Bulls vs. Monrovia Pistons

Bushrod Bulls (5th) will be going head to head with Monrovia Pistons (7th) on Wednesday, 3rd February 2021 after their game was cancelled on December 24th, 2020 due to wet floor. Monrovia Pistons won their last game played against Desert Knight. With a win coming into this match-up with Bushrod Bulls, we expect morale to be high in their camp.


Date Time League Season
February 3, 2021 5:00 pm Male Division One 2020/2021 LBA Season

Monrovia Pistons are 3-5. Having won three games and lost five. Monrovia Pistons are currently averaging 49PTS for, while allowing their opponents to average 59PTS against them, thus having a -10 difference.

Under Coach Lee, Monrovia Pistons are playing more of a systematic type of basketball. They seem to run inbound plays, secondary breaks and set plays. Coach Lee looks to be a no nonsense coach. In their victory, most of their starters sat on the bench during crunch time.

“They (starters) are playing like they didn’t come to play. Let them sit and let the second string end the game,” Coach Lee remarked at the closing of the fourth quarter in their win. That decision worked and we look forward to see what other unorthodox method will be use by Coach Lee against Bushrod Bulls.

With Samson Slewion probably out the rest of the season, it is Nagbe Weah who has step up providing the necessary offense badly needed by Monrovia Pistons. He is averaging 22PTS in his last three games. A strong performance from him and a win for Monrovia Pistons will slightly improve their chances for qualification to the next phase of the league.

“We just want to compete, ” Coach Lee, Monrovia Pistons

Bushrod Bulls on the other hand also won their last encounter against Cestors Mongars. It was not a strong showing by Bushrod Bulls but they were able to nonetheless pull off with the victory. Bushrod Bulls had lost their last two encounters against Mighty Barrolle and Harbel Pointers respectively before their win.

The Bulls currently averages 60PTS for and 61PTS against thus giving them a -1 difference. Bushrod Bulls, out of six games are 3-3. Although they sit comfortably at the 5th position on the table, they will need this win to solidify their place for the second round of action.

Bushrod Bulls has a replay cracker against LPRC Oilers in the pipeline. Their first game had to be put to a halt due to fan evasion of the court. Their last game is against Desert Knight in order to conclude their first round.

Coach Erik, Bushrod Bulls

Coach Erik Cooper is expected to once again run his trademark 2-2-1 full court press against Monrovia Pistons, but we expect Coach Lee to also come out with some strategy for his team to survive for the 40mins of pressure defense.

Carlos Marshall, the maestro for the Bushrod Bulls will have to be in fine form once again to carry his side. He is averaging 14PTS, 10REB in his last three games.

Bookmakers have Bushrod Bulls as the favorite to win. Monrovia Pistons, been the underdog will have to go deep to get this win and keep their chances alive of getting to the 2nd round.

Monrovia Pistons should still be given props for this year’s league season. Last season they were dead last, not winning a single match. With the addition of youthful players and tweak in their technical staff which includes the likes of Coach Lee and hall of famer, Eric Watt, they have shown up as a new side.

Coach Lee, Monrovia Pistons

“This is a buildup season for us,” said Coach Lee when contacted by

“We will built on what we have learnt from this season and come back better next season. We just want to compete”




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