Mama Jama: Sparkles Ladies wins Back to Back Championship.

Dema Wilson

The Sparkles Ladies of the MamaJama Female Old timers Recreational Basketball Program wins Back to Back Championship. This year tournament came to an end on Saturday January 23rd at the YMCA Gym. Sparkles Ladies defeated Wolverines Ladies 46 Pts to 21pts.
Ms. Dema Wilson of Sparkles Ladies won the MVP. While Ms. Mona Kimber of Wolverines won the highest scorer award for the second time.

Ms. Serena Jallah of Sparkles Ladies won both Highest Assist and most defensive players award. Dema Wilson also won the highest Rebounds and highest blocks Shots award.

3rd Place Winner

Sparkles Ladies also won LD$16,900 as first place winner.
Wolverines ladies won LD $ 10, 985.00 as second place winner.
Mystics Ladies won LD $5, 915 00 as 3rd place winner.
Former Champ Lakers Ladies took the 4th place after forfeiting to Mystics. The next Mama Jama Female Old Timers Recreational Basketball Tournament will be played in December of this year. Wolverines Ladies will be hosting this year tournament.


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