Mama Jama January Update!!!

We want to say many thanks to all our sponsors, supporters, friends and family for a very successful year. Mama Jama Ultimate Sports Youth Basketball Program appreciate all what you did for us in 2020. We had a very successful year
As we kick off 2021, we want to put God first into all our activities.
On Saturday, we will kick off with the Francis Tarr Harris National All Stars Youth Basketball Tournament. Four communities all stars team will be showcasing their talent at the Jeremiah Bing Bushrod Bulls Youth Basketball Court. Featuring teams are
1. Jeremiah Bing All Stars Team
2. Bioma Kiawu All Stars Team
3. Monrovia YMCA All Stars Team
4. Ultimate Sports wells-Hairston All Stars
Also, the Mama Jama Female Old Timers Recreational Basketball program will play two games. This will give our mama jama community girls program the opportunity to watch their older sisters playing.
Game 1: Sparkles Ladies V.S Lakers Ladies
Games. Mystics Ladies V.S Wolverines
Tournament starts at 11:30 Am

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