Mama Jama All-Stars Basketball Is Here!!!

Mama Jama CEO Jonathan Harvey announced the 2020/2021 Mama Jama All-Stars Weekend. The event is expected to commence on the 9th of January 2021 at the Bing Court in Logan Town.

The tournament will comprise of the best 12 players from each zone of the Mama Jama/Ultimate Sports initiatives. The listed all-stars are:

  • Boima Kiawu All-Stars Team
  • YMCA All-Stars Team
  • Ultimate Sports All-Stars Team
  • Jeremiah Bing All-Stars Team

Also participating will be the Mama Jama All-Stars Female teams:

  • Lakers Ladies
  • Sparkle Ladies
  • Wolverines
  • Mystics

Saturday Schedule
Gm1 Lakers Ladies vs Sparkels Ladies 12:30
Gm2 Wolverine vs Mystics 1:30pm
Gm3 Boima Kiawu All Stars vs YMCA All Stars 2:30pm
Gm4 Jeremiah Bing All Stars vs Ultimate SPorts All Stars 3:30pm

On Sunday
Venue: Bing Court /Wellshairston Court

Jeremiah Bing All Stars vs Boimah Kiawu All Stars
YMCA All Stars vs Ultimate Sports All Stars



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