LBA Renders Apology For Generator Fiasco

LBA Vice President for Operation Mr. Edwin Fahnbulleh, rendered apology for the blackout during a crucial game yesterday. The apology which was posted on the LBA Facebook Group went as:

The LBA apologizes for the blackout during the last game last night. It was due to a part in the backup generator failing. That part is being replaced. We put in measures to address these issue at the begining of the year.
Bringing in LEC and getting a new 44KVA generator. Unfortunately, LEC needs an additional transformer to put our lights on fully. We must remember that generators are machines and anything can happen at anytime. It was unfortunate that it happened during the game.
We respect our many fans and supporters and trying to give the best basketball experience, however, things don’t always go as planned. We will do better as we go along.
Thank you.
Information reaching us says that the LBA has acquired a brand new state of the art generator. This sounds very good for the sport.
The treasurer of the LBA in a remark said, “What happened last night will never repeat itself. We are resolved to be the best administration in recent times.”
The Bushrod Bulls, Oilers match has been rescheduled for Saturday.

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