LBA Hosts Appreciation Luncheon for Coach Allen Jallah

One good deserves another and that is exactly what Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) wanted Coach Allen Jallah to know. That the LBA wanted him to note their appreciation for his good qualities in regards to fostering growth among coaches in the association.

In that regard, the LBA threw an appreciation luncheon for Coach Allen Jallah yesterday at the Terracotta Restaurant in Congo Town. The event was attended by Coach Jallah and his wife, Mr. Abraham Samukai, President of the LBA, Mr. Ben Sayeh, Acting Technical Director, Mr. Fred Pratt, Acting Secretary General, the finance office, marketing officer and others of the LBA.

Ben Sayeh, LBA

Mr. Ben Sayeh in his opening remarks stated that for the two weeks Coach Jallah has been in the country it is glaring that a lot of coaches lacked the fundamental knowledge in coaching. “Most of the teams are under coached and coaches are not well knowledgeable about the game, period.” Mr. Sayeh said.

Mr. Sayeh went on to mention the issue of officiating regarding the need to infuse younger people into that sector of the game. He touched on the ages of the current officials as well as some who had not played basketball but umpiring games. “Even if you have to umpire, you have to know the game,” Mr. Sayeh concluded.

Ben Sayeh once coached NPA Pythons in the 90’s

Coach Jallah & Wife

Coach Allen Jallah on his part said as a member of Friends of Liberia Basketball and Black Hole Ballers, that they are planning a bigger event this coming December. Friends of Liberia Basketball is an organization based in the United States of America comprising of former players, officials and fans of Liberia basketball who resides in the diaspora.

“Basketball is back!” Coach Allen stated. “I came back and I saw people who had stopped coming to the game for over fourteen years now returning. All because of this current leadership.”

Coach Jallah express the need for the LBA to grow further beyond just been an association. “LBA has to get back to been a federation. As a federation the game of basketball will grow more as you will now be able to play key roles in high school basketball thus leading to better competitions”

He believed that the FIBA Organizational manual which he donated to the LBA will help in the restructuring and rewriting of the LBA constitution. “If you go through the manual it s FIBA structure for national federation depending on what you want to achieve.

Coach Jallah also touched on the openness of current administration in allowing people to come in and bring in ideas. “I mention to Fahnbulleh (VPO) this morning that it is good. The ideas that are good use it”

He lastly thanked the LBA for hosting he and his wife and that upon his return he will start discussion with Friends of Liberia Basketball and Black Hole Ballers regarding future partnership programs with the LBA. will also take this time to also say a big thank you to the LBA and Coach Jallah. A journey begins with a step and we are positive that this is the beginning of basketball growth in Liberia


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