K-Delta Outlasts Commissioners(f) in OT

K-Delta was tested to their full potential against Commissioners(f) in their victory last night. K-Delta coming of a win only a night before on new side D-Rockas was all set.

This was one of the must see match-up  in the basketball circles. Everyone was looking forward to it after Commissioners(f) defeated the defending champions Desert Ladies and also the 1st Runner Up, Vision Angels in their season opener.

Korpo Sumo, from Commissioners(f) in the early part of the first quarter hit a three pointer which was responded to immediately by Angel Buckle of K-Delta. Korpo went on to make another long distance shot and was again responded with by one yet again by Angel.

All in attendance knew there and then we were in for a great ride!!! The quarter ended with both sides at 13pts each. Korpo scored 8pts on her way to scoring 23pts in total.

The second quarter had both teams playing casually but technically. They both tried to find their shooters who seem not to be having a great time then. There were couple of unforced turnovers as nerves were still on edge. K-Delta went into the half with a 21-24 lead.

In the third quarter, Dema Wilson took over the offense. She scored all but one field goals for K-Delta bringing her total to 9pts for the quarter. Her presence and dominance in the paint had Commissioners(f) big girl, Michelle in foul trouble. Dema was so dominant and playing her heart out. There was a scary moment when she slipped on a wet spot and had to be help off the floor. She later return going on to score 13pts and 12rbds.

Commissioners(f) had a strong quarter as well with balance scoring. Both teams scored 12pts each going into the fourth quarter with K-Delta leading by three points.

From the beginning of the fourth quarter is was clear that those in attendance wanted an upset. Every possession by Commissioners(f) was greeted with a cheer. That did not move the more experience K-Delta team. Knowing very well the last quarter can only be won by experience. Noticing the rim protector of their opponents in foul trouble, K-Delta forwards continued to drive in the lane towards the basket. Their goal was finally met when Michelle had her fifth foul and was out of the game.

It all then began a run and gun basketball!!! With both sides guards taking the ball coast to coast. Commissioners(f) where a bit slow coming back on defense and their brief late lead in the game was quickly taken away with two successive fast breaks.

Fatigue was showing on all sides. Although K-Delta was outscored 12-9 but it was not enough and the game went into the first OT of the season in all divisions.

Angel Buckle in OT showed she has ice in her vain. She took every ball to the rack sending her to the charity stripes where she converted all four of her free throws. She scored 11pts, 3rbds and 5asts for the night. Her aggression give K-Delta the win no doubt!

At the end of the game, victory was for the team who played harder no doubt. But one thing was clear, both sides left their all out there. Noticeably absent from action yesterday was Kanto. Word is she is under disciplinary measure from the technical staff. We did miss her antics and hope to see her in the next game.


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Do you think K-Delta can become this year’s champion? Let us know in the comment session below.



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  1. It is good to know that girls are playing basketball in Liberia. Thanks

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