Joel Martor Leads Pythons in Rout of Commissioners

Joel Martor and co did not fail their fans. They delivered what was promised with added sauce. Knock out blows after knockout blows. NPA Pythons could do no wrong it seems and the woes of Commissioners continues as they languishe at the bottom of the table.



Four players scored in double figures. Joel Martor lead all scorers with 28pts, 7asts. Every aspect of his game seemed to be oiled. It was such a magnificent display from the NPA Pythons point guard.

From the onset of jump ball, NPA Pythons had their foot on the gas. Pushing hard on their opponents. Not allowing them to settle as they raced down court running transition offense and defense. It was their defense which was noted for the night.

“Tonight guys it is all about defense,” Coach Raphel of NPA Pythons said in his pregame talk. “We need to exercise all that we have learnt during practice” He went on.

That sinked in for the players, holding Commissioners to a single digit score each quarter.

NPA Pythons first quarter was similar to their uncompleted game against Cestors Mongars. They jumped to an early lead, scoring 25pts in the first quarter while holding Commissioners to 6pts.

Samuel Willie was formidable in his starting guard role. Making his case in his first start of the season, Samuel Willie played with the kind of maturity expected from him. He moved the ball, found open players and was playing as a facilitator. He was one of the four in double figures scoring 10pts, 8asts, 4rbds.

Coming of the bench for the first time this season, Emmanuel Paye contributed 10pts with 3asts. His two thundering dunks in the last quarter were the highlight and punctuation for the win.

With the win, NPA Pythons remains undefeated and sits comfortably at the top of the table.

NPA Pythons are already into the second round despite having couple of games left. They are yet to face Mighty Barrolle and Harbel Pointers. These are two big games which with wins can immortalize them for the first round.

What are your thoughts on NPA Pythons style of play this season so far? Do they have what it takes in defending their championship, winning it back to back? Comment below lets hear from you.

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