James Baker 29pts Night Powers Pointers Over Bulls

James Baker had a season high night. James Baker was on another level in their match against Bushrod Bulls. He hit the ground running from the first quarter to the end of the game. Baker could do no wrong, doing what he does always, entertain the fans.

It is clear Harbel Pointer is building a niche for themselves in Liberia basketball. Their caliber of players, mostly Liberians ballers who were visiting the country from China before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, are an exceptional bunch to watch.


Bushrod Bulls117192663
Harbel Pointers2413231474

As the pandemic restriction gradually eased and sporting activities allowed, many teams started to fish for them.

Coach Theo, Harbel Pointers

“They have all decided to stick together with Harbel Pointers and win a championship,” Coach Theo of Harbel Pointers once declared.

Last night game saw them playing as a championship caliber set of players. They were setting the tone that others might just as well be playing in their pepper bush.

Harbel Pointers from the jump-ball had their offense seemingly well oiled. They had a quick 10-0 run to begin the quarter. The full court press of Bushrod Bulls were easily picked apart by the passing game of Harbel Pointers. Tony Kaba open scoring for Harbel Pointers.

T. Kaba scored quick 6pts in their 10-0 run. He went quiet the rest of the game but was able to facilitate in other aspect by dishing out five dimes.

James Baker had 10pts in the opening quarter on his way to having a monstrous night of 29pts, 7asts, 1stl, 1 rbd, 4TO. He capped his scoring with an above the rim lob pass from team mate Brian Matthew Nyangbe. James Baker finished with authority, the lob, that had fans screaming!

That was one of Brian Matthew Nyangbe one of nine assists. Brian finished with 14pts, 9asts, 4rbds.

Bushrod Bulls looked flat from the start. It might had been either from the early lead, but we know that is not the case, cause they are a team with fighting spirit. They struggled badly in the first few mins. Not only in stopping the quick transition offense of the Harbel Pointers but also to create one for themselves as well.

At onetime, Harbel Pointers lead by as much as 20pts. With such a hole to come out from, especially against a team that constantly attacks your board, Bushrod Bulls was in for a long night.


Carlos looking to get a pass past Brian, James and John

Carlos Marshall was having an off night. The young prodigy for the Bulls did not have it clicking at the start. Sitting the whole of the second quarter on the bench didn’t help also. As he is known for, he continued to press hard when the time came for him to ply his trade.

Although he hit the driving lane on multiple occasions, the HP defense were there to make it harder. Many times you could see him sitting on the ground yelling for a foul call, but didn’t get all in his favor.

Carlos Marshall was still able to put up big numbers. He had 16pts, 13rbds, 5asts. He was 6-29 from the field and shot 0-6 from three point land. Rough night for the young chap.

It was the fourth quarter Bushrod Bulls started to make the much needed run.

“This is coming too late,” a fan in the crowd shouted.

Bushrod Bulls made five three pointers in the final quarter to cut the lead. It came a little too late to cause an upset. R. Qualye scored straight nine points from behind the arc. He ended the night with 14pts, 3asts.

John Reed Jr of Harbel Pointers did not play much. Reed Jr played mainly as a facilitator and rim protector. He had three blocks and six defensive rebounds. Reed Jr called timeout on himself on several occasions. When we reached out to him after the game on why he was leaving the floor every time, he said;

“This is a small team. My boys can handle them. I am saving myself for Barrolle and Pythons games.”

No doubt. He will need all the energy he can get to stop the Barrolle imported trio and the Pythons Big 3 of Joel Martor, Emmanuel Paye and John Williams Jr.

Coach Erik Cooper after the game remarked, “It is the fans that are making us to play like this. You people are making them think they are super stars and now they not as before.” True or not, the fans were in huge attendance last night.

Do you think Harbel Pointers truly has what it takes to win the 2020/2021 championship?


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