Injury Watch: Samuel Davidson, aka Bulldog

Reliable information reaching us has informed us that Samuel Davidson aka Bulldog has spent two days in hospital. Although the name of the hospital was not disclosed, but he is been treated for a foul he was on the receiving end.

“Bulldog” lead off the floor

Bulldog, as was earlier reported, during the game with Mighty Barrolle had to leave within the first 30sec of the game. He sustained the injury while trying to drive in the lane for a layup. He collapsed to the floor holding his ribs. He motion to the medics who after accessing his condition took him into the dressing room.

S. Davidson was later taken to the hospital but return while the game was still on. He changed into street clothes and sat on the bench with his colleagues.

The foul seems to be a one which is still been debated how it happened. With three referees on the

Bulldog on the bench after returning from the hospital

floor, yet none of them saw it on the play. Even those at the table claim that they did not see the foul.

We will follow closely and try to know the depth of the injury and how soon we do expect him to be back in action. Godspeed  in your recovery Bulldog!!!



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