Injury Watch: Samson Slewion

Samson Slewion, veteran big-man for the Monrovia Pistons is on injury watch. The vetran big man sustained a knee injury during their match against Harbel Pointers.

“I am not certain that I will be available on Wednesday,” Samson Slewion answered in regards to his status.

“I am looking to return very soon. I do not plan to be away for more than two games,” he concluded

Monrovia Pistons is expected to take on Mighty Barrolle and their imported trio. The absence of Samson will be a blow to the Pistons squad.

Samson had his knee in a brace and walked with a little limp.

We wish you speedy recovery big vet. Your return to active basketball has inspire a lot of the youth around you who look up to your mentorship and leadership.


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