Harbel Pointers Uses Strong 2nd Half

Harbel Pointers is becoming accustom to woeful first halves. That showed once more between they and Monrovia Pistons. Whatever is causing their new ‘tradition’ thankfully is not extending to their second halves.

Everyone expected a strong showing from the Pistons and they didn’t let the fans down in the opening. J. Teah scored quick 5pts including one from behind the arc in the quarter, on his way to scoring 13pts and 5asts in total but was woeful, shooting 3-12 from behind the arc.

In the initial quarter for Pistons, Nagbe Weah started in aggressive mode! He scored 8pts on his way to scoring season high 20pts, 8asts, 1rbd, 3TOS.

Samson Slewion on the other hand struggled. The veteran 6’8″ big man, although received a lot of touches in the paint, he failed to convert it after mouth dropping post moves. His shots kept clanging off the rim. Where he struggled he made his leadership felt.

Samson Slewion controlled the pace of the game and had his boys alert on defense when the ball

Slewion swollen knee

rotates from weak side to the strong side. The veteran was 1-7 from the field. He had to leave the game in the beginning of the third quarter when he had a knee bruise. His stats for the night was 2pts, 5rbds, 1blk and 2TOs. We will make followup on his injury to know it’s severity.

The first quarter ended with each team scoring 17pts apiece. Harbel Pointers had balance scoring from their starters.

John Reed Jr

Harbel Pointers on the other hand in the first half stuck to their plan. They drove the ball hard to the rim and found the open man for the long ball. John Reed Jr score 7pts in the half. Every touched he had was greeted with cheers from the crowd. “That’s my big player!” shouted Ansu, one of his prodigy. He went on to score 9pts, 2rbds, 4asts, 3TOs. John Reed Jr energy in the second half sparked the run much needed by the Pointers.

It was a surprise to many to see Monrovia Pistons taking the first half. They went into the half leading by seven, 40-33.

During the break, Coach Theo of Harbel Pointers challenged his boys. “Should we be struggling to win this game?” Whatever he told them later showed on the floor. Harbel Pointers opened the quarter with a 10-0 run which erased the lead and give them theirs. Brian Matthew Nyangbe took the assault to the Pistons defense. With Samson Slewion picking up an injury early in the third quarter, it was clear there was green light to take the ball inside.

Brain Matthew Nyangbe scored 11pts in the third on his way to scoring 17pts, 6rbds, 8asts, 1stl. Noticeably also was James Baker, the captain for the squad. James and Baker were having to much fun during the run that he even had to lob passes which could had easily ended to a dunk. James Baker played safe on both instances for easier layups. Baker had 20pts, 2rbd, 5asts, 2TOs

It was a a total collapse for the Pistons defense. They tried to fuel a run themselves but that was too late as Harbel Pointers outscored them 14-30 in the quarter.

Pistons execution woes continued in the fourth and could no longer come close to the ‘Tapper’ boys who had now resulted to hard defensive press leading to turnovers. It was just a matter of closure. This seems to be the strength of Harbel Pointers this season. They took the fourth quarter allowing only 9pts from Monrovia Pistons and scoring 20pts themselves.


Monrovia Pistons172314963
Harbel Pointers1716302083

In a post game interview, Coach Lee, the new coach hire by the Pistons said he was satisfy with his

Coach Lee, Monrovia Pistons

boys performance. “I have had only two days with these guys. I am satisfy that my players were able to implement some of what we have been working on. I am not building the team for this season but I know next season we will be formidable.”

Asked if they could still make the next round, he responded with confidence; “Yes, we can make the second round. I believe we still have enough games ahead which we can win and make it to the playoffs.”

Quizzed on what went wrong in the second half, the coach said, “I know Harbel Pointers would get a run. It was just a matter of when. Player by player, they have more skilled player then ours. But we will be back. We will get better”

Do you think Monrovia Pistons still has what it takes to make the playoff? Is Harbel Pointers championship ready? Let us know your thoughts below.




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