Harbel Pointers Survives Monrovia Blazers (Video)

Harbel Pointers has been a team to look out for. Mainly because the team is comprising mostly of Liberian players who came to spend the vacation before the Covid-19 outbreak. As a way of staying in shape until their return to China, they have team up to contest for the championship.

Harbel Pointers lost their first match for the season against Mighty Barrolle. Match was before the State of Emergency was announced; putting halt to all sporting activities and a lock down imposed.

Game 2 for them has to be a must win, against their opponents who was making their debut in the D1 after coming second in last season D2. Blazers wasn’t going to be scare with the impressive pre-game dunk exhibition by the Tapper Boys!

What everyone thought would had been an easy game almost had the Tapper Boys in a ditch. Despite the firepower, they struggle to score.

The first half ended 21-34 in favor of Blazers. A strong showing by the Pointers in the 3rd all but erase the lead when they out scored their opponents 23-14.

The deciding quarter was a ding dong battle. J. Reed  was in the head of his opponents and it seemed to had paid off. The Blazers sniper was frustrated with J. Reed antics.

The deciding moment of the game was Blazers having four free throw attempts within the last seven seconds while down by one. Unfortunately, all was missed as J. Reed pulled down the final rebound, holding the ball as the final whistle blasted. Fans ran on the court shouting “John Reed!!!”


Harbel Pointers147231259
Monrovia Blazers1519141058

Up Next for Monrovia Blazers: Saturday, December 26, 2020 Game 3 Vs. Mighty Barrolle 6:00 pm
Up Next for Harbel Pointers: Sunday, December 27, 2020 Game 3 LPRC Vs. Oilers  6:00 pm




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