Harbel Pointers Finds Way To Win, Again! (Video)

Harbel Pointers season campaign first three games has been against D1 debutantes Monrovia Blazers and Desert Knight. Both of which they have won. Harbel Pointers only lost so far is to powerhouse LPRC Oilers.

What is standing out in these wins is that the team seems to struggle in offense in what every sees on paper as an easy win. In these two games, Harbel Pointers seems to grapple maintaining a decent lead. It was evidence once again last night!

Fans at the games tried to pin their offensive woes on the fact that two of their key players were in the stands. John Reed and Tony Kaba. Reed was suspended for two games after been injected from their last game. Kaba on the other hand is facing a disputed two seasons ban for brawl with a fan.

This incident happened in the match against Oilers when a fan kept throwing jabbing words at T. Kaba. This infuriated his sister who was siting nearby and the fan allegedly hit her in the face. Tony then who was in transition saw the act and jumped into the stands to defend his sister which lead to the incident going out of hands.

In a statement, Kaba regrets his action but ponders why the federation didn’t have security guards at the venue. “Look it was a big game,” he lamented, “Why weren’t there sufficient security present? Some of us bring our family to these games and want them protected,” he added.

Jonathan Nagbe, captain of Mighty Barrolle, in solidarity stated, he would help plea for Kaba if the band holds. “A player for Oilers was suspended for two years last season. But we have notice he is playing this season, so this will not hold!”

We await the official findings from the Liberia Basketball Association.

Back to Harbel Pointers vs Desert Knights, fourth quarter. With a possession to tie or take the lead, the PG of Knight made a wild gamble


That was a missed opportunity that could had change the game.


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Desert Knight710151747

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