Forfeit Here, Forfeit There!

Sports enthusiasts at the opening air Sports Commission are been thrilled by the games so far. From Raiders riding Du-Runners. To Pythons opener against Oilers and their three matches so far. Including Commissioner(f) strong performance against Vision Angels, one thing is rearing its ugly head, game forfeits!

Of the 11 games played to date, four wins were by way of forfeits. D-Rockas, Dream Team I, Destiny Queens, and Barnesville Dragons each forfeited their opener.

This is something the federation will have to look into. If we are to promote and sell the sport this should be avoided. Fans can not pay for matches which don’t come on. If a team is not going to make it, let them inform the association 24-48 hours before the game.

These 20-0 forfeit is also in a way an advantage to the team gaining the points, but it brings less competition.

For the full fixture and result click here


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