Cape Mount Wizards Clips Visioneers

Cape Mount Wizards is currently riding on a four game win streak! The team who is in their debut season in the Division Two started their campaign losing their first three games. Whatever adjustment they have done since then seems to be working and that showed today against Visioneers.

Visioneers on the other hand, also a debut in the division was sailing casually on a five game win streak. It was both teams meeting since Visioneers swept them in the finals of the D3 last season.

What many thought was just another day in the office for Visioneers sooner or later had to chew their words. The game started with both sides playing either sluggish or they were trying to size each other.

It wasn’t until the sixth minute that Visioneers scored their first and only field goal for the quarter. Cape Mount Wizards on the other hand managed to squeeze in 7pts to take the quarter.

Visioneers started the second quarter better than the first. They were able to hold their opponents to 6pts while they themselves had 18pts in the quarter.

The third quarter had the Vision Boys back in a funk. They couldn’t just click offensively. Although they went to the line multiple times, but they failed to capitalized as they also shot badly from the charity stripe. Cape Mount Wizards on the other hand had a great quarter. Outscoring their opponents 4-16

The last and final quarter was the decider. At one point Visioneers was within one possession to either take the lead or tie the score. But some unforced turnovers led to quick fast breaks taking the game beyond reach for Visioneers.


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After the game, Shaquille Bono uttered; “We are not immortal. We can also loose.”

Gabriel Richards also extended apologies to his team mates: “Let me be (sic) to apologize to the team. I have not been playing basketball since the league started, and also not making my presence felt. Promise to set (sic) up. We move regardless and let’s get better”

Edmond, a rookie for the team who is yet to see action posted to his team mates; “Keep going hard guys and forget about the lost today, it’s behind us all already. Let’s work harder to make things better ballersπŸ€πŸ€

Visioneers will next be in action against Bong Shooters. Bong Shooters are currently on a three games loosing streak and will be looking to make it click this time. A lost might make it very difficult to make the second round.

Visioneers will need the win to seal their second round playoffs. With the win over Visioneers, Cape Mount Wizards should be very confident in their remaining games.

Should Visioneers be worry about this lost? Do you think Cape Mount Wizards has finally shaken off their beginning of season frustration? Lets know in the comment section below.

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