Bushrod Bulls vs Mighty Barrolle Match Preview

Mighty Barrolle will be in action this Sunday against the hard fighting boys from Bushrod Island, Bushrod Bulls. If you have been following in recent times you might have heard of all the rigmarole surrounding their fans, players, especially Carlos Marshall and of course their high tempo defensive scheme.

The coach of Mighty Barrolle will have a hot plate this time even with his foreign French trio of Omar, Bashir and Kone. Mr. Big Shots (M. Vincent) is expected to hit big shots once again.

Bushrod Bulls fear no foe!

Bushrod Bulls is entering the match sitting at the fifth position on the table. They have played four games, loosing two and winning two. Their last lost was against Harbel Pointers. Bushrod Bulls is averaging 64pts for and 59pts against. Mighty Barrolle on the other hand is averaging 67pts for and 41pts against.

If the bookmakers has this one right, it is definitely in favor of Mighty Barrolle with an odd of 1.15

The fans of Bushrod Bulls and Mighty Barrolle should expect the best from both sides. Liberiabasketball.com caught up with the president of Bushrod Bulls; “I am not worry,” he stated. “I am confident we will make it to the next round”

The second round is always a new ball game with the qualifying six teams expected to play each other once again.

“In the second round we will win it all,” a confident Bushrod Bulls president concluded.

First we will say, learn to crawl before you walk. With at-least five more matches to play, Bushrod Bulls will have to take it one game at a time then to look straight towards the ultimate goal, winning the championship. But as they say, if you wanna dream, dream big!!! Dream on Bushrod Bulls.

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