Bushrod Bulls Taunts Visioneers: You Are Children!!!

A much anticipated match-up in this years Knockout Tournament is that of Bushrod Bulls vs Visioneers. It will be both teams first meeting in history. It is a prelude of what to expect between the two teams with the youngest and most promising upcoming talents in next season D1.

Visioneers qualified to the D1 upon reaching the finals of the second division in their first season. The team lost to Raiders 3-2 in a best of five series. Bushrod Bulls is now using the lost of the fastest rising team to throw shots.

One thing many are taking from this game will be the clash of the Marshall brothers, Carlos and Fedolph. Carlos been the older and probably the one who introduced his younger brother to the sport.

It will be their first time meeting in a competitive environment as this!!!

“Bushrod Bulls saying we are children and they will beat us nothing less than 30pts,” Isaac, Visioneers guard informed Liberiabasketball.com.

But we are ready for the task, he concluded.

Team mate, M. Toure, who is currently studying in Malaysia posted a message to his teammates encouraging them to look beyond the hurdles and go for the win.

J. Monger, captain of the team who is also studying outside the country expressed how he wished he was around to lead the team in the tournament.

With two key players absent Visioneers do has a task on hand as was in the finals they lost. Key question is, who gets recruited to fill those spots. We will keep our readers informed, but there has been unconfirmed reports that some big names in recent times has shown interest in been a part of a young crop of players to exert leadership role.

Coaching staff of Visioneers had this to say:

It doesn’t matter who we meet. It could had been the likes of Oilers, Pythons or current champs Barrolle. To be the best you have to beat the best. We know we are the best! We will use this match-up to send a warning shot to the division that yes, we the new kids on the block and we mean business!!!

Can Visioneers cause an upset?


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