Bushrod Bulls Secures First Win

Bushrod Bulls, lead by Carlos Marshall, outlasted Monrovia Blazers to get their first win of the season. A game which had fans and supporters on the edge from the beginning. Many before the game knew this is a must win for the Bushrod Bulls to begin their campaign for the second rounds.

The first quarter ended with Monrovia Blazers taking a 12-9 lead. What everyone wanted to know by the beginning of the second quarter is how long would they last Bushrod Bulls full court press. It worked during the quarter despite M. Blazers been able to beat it several times in the first.

M. Blazers went into the half leading by a point 20-19.

The second half was a close contest both teams went at each other. Bushrod Bulls continue to stick to their trademark defense which was by now slowing down the Blazers as they had series of turnovers and passes intercepted. At the close of the quarter both teams were at 36pts apiece.

The fourth and deciding quarter was strictly Carlos Marshall show! He put up big jump shots and boards. His presence both sides of the floor was impressive. That was soon noticed by R. Borlor who played him man on man defense for the rest of the quarter.

Finding it harder to get the ball, Carlos made the final big time play, a block in the last 60 seconds which could had put the Blazers a point ahead. With the block and possession, Bushrod Bulls was able to score a field goal thus rendering a comeback victory for the Blazers unrealistic.


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Bushrod Bulls910171551

Comment and let us know if Bushrod Bulls has what it takes to win the championship or what Monrovia Blazers needs to achieve to make it to the second round.


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  1. Monrovia Blazers are new to the division. Let them compete to do their best. Welcome to the big league blazers.

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