“Breaking News: Bushrod Bulls’ star player Carlos Marshall has reportedly agreed a deal to join Mighty Barrolle”

Carlos Marshall is the backbone of the current Bushrod Bulls team. On many game nights, fans troop in to watch this young 6’6″ small forward compete against his rivals.

Tongues are wagging that he is already an MVP candidate for the 2020/2021 Division One season.

On several occasions you will hear officials of Bushrod Bulls making remarks that Carlos Marshall is going no where.

Liberiabasketball.com came across a post on the Liberian Sports International Facebook page dated January 19, 2021. The post with a picture of Carlos Marshall read:

Breaking News…

Bushrod Bulls’ star player Carlos Marshall has reportedly agreed a deal to join Mighty Barrolle after the end of the current LBA season.(T Kla Wesely-Journslist)

Comments had already started coming in congratulating Carlos Marshall.

Libberiabasketball.com contacted Robert Sesay, Secretary General of Bushrod Bulls regarding the Facebook post.

“It is all rumors. Carlos is not going anywhere. He has signed for two seasons and he is expected to play for the two season.” He went on, “Even if you ask Carlos himself, he will tell you he is happy with Bushrod Bulls”

Rumors of Carlos Marshall joining another team is not new but has not hit front page as this one has, from a journalist. It has been rumored in past with interests coming in from LPRC Oilers as well as NPA Pythons.

Carlos himself has been heard in public that his interest is to team up with his brother in Visioneers when the team makes it to D1. Carlos was a part of Visioneers in 2017 when they were first put together as Vision Warriors. He played couple of games with them before going on loan to Bushrod Bulls.

“His return to Visioneers is the missing peace to complete us,” Clifton Young of Visioneers stated. “We all started together young in the YMCA. Today most of us playing together, so we need him back with us.”

As the saying goes, behind every rumor there is a truth. Liberiabasketball.com is watching closely and will speak with those involve for a clearer picture.

If Carlos has to make a move, is Mighty Barrolle the best option? Let us know in the comment section below.

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