BREAKING NEWS!!! 6’10” Omar Samba, Mighty Barrolle Import, Touch Ground!!!

Omar Samba is a 6’10” Senegalese basketball prodigy. The forward who also plays for the U20 national team of Senegal arrived last night in Monrovia.

Omar Samba is a product of the Seed Academy in Senegal. Launched in 2002, the SEED Academy is the first basketball student-athlete academy in Africa. Up to 40 high potential student-athletes, boys and girls, live, train and work towards achieving their goal of attending university.

Omar Samba has also been to Basketball Without BordersBWB is a basketball instructional camp organized by the NBA in conjunction with FIBA, it presents itself as a “basketball development and community outreach program that unites young basketball players to promote the sport and encourage positive social change in the areas of education, health, and wellness”.

It shows that Omar Samba has been through season coaches and has competed against the best in is category in Africa.

On his arrival in the country, Omar was taken directly to the Sports Commission where he met Coach Assad of Mighty Barrolle who was watching the match between NPA Pythons and Commissioners. Coach Assad, in the presence of team captain Jonathan Nagbe, welcome him. Speaking fluent French the coach, seemingly very excited, exchange some pleasantries.

Archie, the son of the Liberia Olympic Committee President in his evaluation upon seeing Omar remarked, “He doesn’t have the body of a basketball player to me. Bashir is better built. I think Oilers players will eat him (Omar).”

Hey Archie, your words might just return to bite you!!!

This morning, Mighty Barrolle three imports were seen around the Sports Commission. Omar Samba trying to loosen up his muscles from his journey. It was clear this kid has game. His shooting stroke looks smooth. For a 6’10” he handles the ball pretty well. He was not seen doing any post moves so it just might be certain he is a face-up kind of baller.

We can’t wait for tonight game!

Who you gat winning, Oilers or Barrolle? Let us know!

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