BREAKING!!! Harbel Pointers Recruits Foreign Imports

If you can’t beat them, join them. This is an age old adage that has stood the test of time. Harbel Pointers has now decided to join the bandwagon of teams going in for extra help from outside the boarders of Liberia.

Coach Theo of Harbel Pointers when contacted by acknowledged the coming of the players.

I want the trophy this year and I must get it… nothing going to stop me,” Coach Theo said.

When pushed who these players are and how soon they are expected, he answered: “I am expecting two this Saturday or anytime before my next match. The third will be coming from Nigeria.

Not wanting to keep us in the dark he give the names and profiles of the players:

Namakan Traore

Namakan Traore is a twenty-two year old Malian. The 6’6″ Forward is a member of the Malian National Team. He has represented his country in many FIBA sanctioned youth tournaments. In 2017 he played for the U19 World Cup which was held in Egypt.

Mogou Gaye is also a Malian player with a lot of caps for his country. He stands at 6’8″ and plays the Center position.

Onyeka Jamil Okeke is the third player. He’s 6’10 from Nigeria and formerly of Kano Pillars and AS Nigelec of Niger. He was on the team when they defeated Pythons in Benin two years ago. He is expected in the country next week.

Fans of basketball in Liberia are expecting nothing more than competition from these imports when they arrive.

Harbel Pointers next match is on March 13, 2021 against Monrovia Blazers and hopefully we will see these imports in action.

What are your thoughts? Do you think HP can win it all with these ballers coming?


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