-A Clash of The Undefeated
-Barrolle, Pythons Finally At Sports Commission Today
Few weeks ago, the atmosphere was overly charged with disenchantments over news that the match between NPA Pythons and Mighty Barrolle, the undefeated teams in the LIBERIA Basketball Association (LBA) ongoing National League, was suspended due to the County Meet Grand Finals.
Coincidentally, the those two high-profile sports festivities were scheduled for the same day.
Many basketball fanatics felt that they were robbed of one golden opportunity to witnessed a moment of brilliance between two of the league’s most exciting performers.
Eventually, there were mixed reactions from all sectors of basketball-mongers, given that their eagerness to watch this mouthwatering encounter may have come anytime soon.
It seems that their wait has paid off as the long awaited encounter now regarded as a “BATTLE FOR SUPREMACY” will hit the arena today, as scores of supporters were spotted around the gym yesterday, expressing, once again, their anxiety to the virtualize exchanges of classical displays between those two “Gladiators.”
Mighty Barrolle, the team with the highest number supporter on a day, goes into the encounter with a 100% winning record, as their three foreign contingents have produced some of the most intriguing performances since the old-school days. This has even prompted and reawakened the basketball-like inside scores of supporters this given rise to the influx of Barrolle’s supporters.
Thought may have manufactured some master-class showpiece, Pythons, on the other hand, have been convincing and team to watch given the crop of unforgettable talents.
Pythons additionally added three foreign but really talented, players to their squad.
Moreover, Pythons’ triumphant displays in the ongoing LBA League, has been attributed to the tactical brilliance of Coach Raphael Quaye, a one time ‘Superman’ in the LBA’s National League.
Going into the match, the Kanyan Pepper boys under the tutelage of Basketball’s ‘Jose Mourinho’, Asaab Fadel, remains the fan favorite, but anything is possible given the stardom performances of NPA Deadly Pythons.
The match kickstart by 8p.m. and it is expected to be greeted with the highest turnout since the league commenced.
It has been gathered that supporters of bother teams in the Diaspora have been wishing for the moment. And that they too cannot wait to watch the full episode of ‘The Battle For SUPREMACY.’

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