Basketball Frustration As Generator Failed

Camera! Light! Action! Then no light!

We had all settled in in what many was expecting to be an entertaining match. The arena was lit! So many thing was going on it was hard to focus on one side of the open air gym. We had a great weather. Weatherman said clear skies.

Both teams, Oilers and Bushrod Bulls warmed up! Jumpball! Crowd goes gagaga!

First actions!

Baskets traded! Ernest Bestman did his drive in the lane with a scatter step. Carlos Marshall hits a deep three. Both 5pts already with 2:35 remaining on the clock for the first quarter. Oilers in an early 11-15 lead!

Then the unthinkable! Lights starts to blink. Game pauses. All hoping it might just be a case of generator needing to refuel.

Total darkness!!! “In this 21st Century again,” a fan could be heard shouting. “Everyone on your phone flashlight, this game must play,” another lightheartedly added.

This is no lighthearted issue! This is sad for our game. This is what kills momentum which has started to built since in recent times basketball been declining.

So what does social media has to say? We did a look around and wasn’t let down. Comments had already started on a thread in the Liberia Basketball Association Group Page.

Prince Melo posted, “Liberia National Basketball is in total darkness and we are hungry for change!”

He went on, “After we have invited lot of people on our national basketball court, to enjoyed Oilers and Bushrod Bulls game tonight, unfortunately, the lights went off and we were in total darkness and the game didn’t ended (sic) because there was no electricity.

He also called to task the leadership of the LBA, “What our basketball leadership going to do about it?”

His post has so far received mix reactions. Emmanuel Ebreezy Drobia quipped, “They’re not doing anything because they want us to pay additional money to the same game everytime

Coach Stone asked, “So do you think it was deliberate Prince Melo? Do you think the leadership of the LBA intentionally did that? Think mehnnnnn.” Prince answered that though he wasn’t against the leadership, he only wanted change.

Prince post has so far received over 50 comments and reaction and that will be the trending topic of the day.

Our opinion on the whole matter is that the referees were not patient enough and prematurely ended the game. There is a standing rule of an hour wait which was not observed. It was a mechanical issue and repairmen where already en-route to resolve the matter. And when it was done, players and spectators were still in the gym when the light returned. The game could had been played.

We also think there should be a standby generator man at the venue or on call to respond in an appropriate time limit.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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