Bashir Jalloh, Mighty Barrolle Import, Arrives (Video)

A familiar face spotted on Saturday during the evening game has been identified as Bashir Jalloh. The 6’6″ Guinean baller is no stranger to followers of Liberia’s basketball.

Bashir was in 2017 a part of the Mighty Barrolle squad that year. Although his presence made them a contender, it was LPRC Oilers who claimed the championship.

Bashir is back in the country for the “Red Boys.” On Sunday our lens picked him up at the Sports Commission in the presence of Francis Fayiah and Kone, their import who earliered arrived and has so far played a match.

Bashir is a household name in guinea his native country. He has played in the country’s top flight league. Bashir has also had series of international caps for the national team.

“I am happy to be back,” said Bashir. “I feel that I have unfinished business here to take care off.” He concluded in a heavy accent.

Bashir went ahead to show us some of his inside moves. Which looked pleasing to all present.

“I am an all round player,” he responded to a question regarding what wing he plays. “Sometimes I play small forward other times I play center”

Perhaps this is a close chapter in Barrolle recruitment. “No!” exclaimed Francis Fayiah, “Wait and see!!!”

We now see that Mighty Barrolle has up their chances of becoming this year’s champion.

Joel Martor of NPA Pythons when contacted brushed off the issue. “I have played with him in Guinea. He is a good inside player but doesn’t shoot well. We will contain him.”

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  1. Fred V.B. Smith

    The federation need to create an open workshop to educate referre on basketball ethics and to teach them some drastic rules that needs to be implemented, from my stand point what I saw yesterday the referee was calling on one side which is for Raiders , because Raiders in the a team owned by the president of the federation,the referee cannot gamble their working relationship so they call some impeccable violation that weren’t played by the players of sac-base. I am a player of sac-base and I was disinchanted with what happened last night.💌🏀#BALLISLIFE

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