Barrolle, Raiders Secures Win

Barrolle and Raiders both won their second games in their respective divisions. Despite getting the W, it seems both teams coaches were not impress with their team performances.

Raiders encountered Bong Shooters, winning 50-46. The later coming of a win against Monrovia Rockets on Thursday. Raiders turned up in full. They had R. Marshall also making his debut for the club. Raiders started with trying to go to their big man, S. Paye in the post. But it was glaring that it would prove a long day as they struggled to get past the zone defense of the Shooters from Bong County.

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In short players and coaching staff were not impress with the energy they brought. It was a total different game from their season debut against Du-Runners. Even at the end of the game, comments were passing around that if they can’t beat Bong Shooters convincingly what hope is there against high rising Visioneers who currently leads the division averaging PF 67 and PA 48.

Mighty Barrolle game on the other hand was expected to be easy. Cestos Mongar having veteran center, Victor, was poised to make their presence felt in the paint. Barrolle fire power front court give the Mongars Boys no rest. Running breaks after breaks. Barrolle seems like they were on a mission with something to prove. At the end of the third quarter and leading comfortably, they still had their foot on the gas.

Even though they won with a 50+ margins, Coach Aryee was not impress with his boys. At the end of the game you could hear him out loud, “how could we not win a hundred plus points margin?”

Yes they do have the ability to win that margin cause everyone know they are the Mighty Barrolle. The game ended 102-50 in favor of Barrolle.

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