Are The Referees Not Been Patient?

There is a standing rule in the LBA that in the case of an incident, especially rain, that an hour grace period is given. Yesterday match of Pythons vs Cestos Mongars is one of the examples this season of officials not been patient enough.

The game which had already gone a quarter, and the second quarter was midway through, had to be stopped. The weather had change and some very light drizzle was going on. For players safety the game was paused.

But what was surprising was that the officials had put a mere 20mins on the clock in order to declare a ‘force majeure.’ Despite calls from both teams that the time was short and that they are willing to wait it out, their plead fell on deaf ears.

A Cestos Mongars staff feeling irritated stated, “Look we spend a lot to come to play, money we don’t have. Lets wait and play.”

Even as the seconds counted down the weather situation was improving gradually. Yet the game was called off at the expiration of the twenty minutes. In the end it didn’t rained and the weather improved.

This we believe is not fair spirit to the game. A game we are trying to revive should not be held hostage by these referees. The LBA has to put their foot hard on the refs.

“They want to go home early,” an official who asked to remain anonymous mentioned.

Whatever their reasons might be for prematurely cancelling games, it should not be to the detriment of the sport which has been in darkness for years and has just started to be rejuvenated.

What are your thoughts. Comment below to let us know.

After posting this blog on the LBA Group page, we want to share comments from there in this post:

Matthew Gbamore:

It shouldn’t have been 20 mins instead it should have been probably close to an hour if I am not mistaken. We have been thru this same situation lots of time when I was there. Let the coaches or administrators read the AFIBA or FIBA Afric hand book these rules are stated in there.

This is one of the things I pointed out against the Minister of Youth and Sports the other day in my post. Why should we have a gym and we are not using when we are suppose to be using it. The gym at the SKD done renovation long since so why they are not allowing the Federation to use it? This too is Liberia Na

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