Are Foreign Players Needed In Liberia Basketball Scene?

The recruitment of foreign basketball players is a common process that seeks to increase teams’ quality and performance. However, it has also been pointed out as responsible for reducing competitive opportunities of national players.

When skilled labor is imported to work in a creative industry, local workers may benefit, in terms of their own level of skill, through contact with new techniques and practices.

There are countries like the Philippines who currently has a barred  on foreign imports taking part in their collegiate  leagues. Main reason been that schools who could not afford to bring in these foreign players seem to have performed poorly in all competitions and as a result a lost in enrollment.

Liberia is a different case study, schools here do not import student-athletes. Currently teams in the top division in the country are the only ones importing players. Despite that, one can use a single hand to count how many teams are into basketball migration.

Over the years and in recent times, the teams known for bringing in imports includes but not limited to Mighty Barrolle, NPA Pythons, and Dream Team II, all of which are in the top tier of Liberia basketball. Some female teams has also brought in foreign players. K-Delta is one female team which has a foreign player currently.

While other teams like Harbel Pointers are currently in the process of joining the bandwagon, they can also boast of over-sea based players. Currently over half of their teams are made up of Liberians who play in domestic competition in China.

One team that is to date not into basketball migration is LPRC Oilers. They may have their own reason why, although they can afford, but it may seem that they are of the culture of recruiting only the best veterans in and around the leagues. Their current crop of players averages over 12+ years in the sport.

The debate heated up recently when broke the news that Harbel Pointers had concluded move in getting three foreign imports into the country to increase their chances of dethroning the current champion who currently has four imports. The only other team currently with imports is Mighty Barrolle who has three.

While many may have hail Harbel Pointers for the bold move, others are not of the same opinion.

Franklin A Smith commented, “Everyone bringing foreign base ur can’t train ur own players n make them great.”

Abdullah Kromah, a Bushrod Bulls fans seems not to be bother as he said, “Let they come ooo, Bushrod Bulls here”

Coach of NPA Pythons, Coach Stonecipher B. Mulbah sees the imports as better competition which is great.

Long time coach, Matthew Gbamore is in favor of the migration: “The foreign players will bring more competitions and improve the league so pls don’t get annoy Becuz they are bringing foreign players

Nurminee Walker see to have a better analysis of the whole issue. ”

The question that need to be answered is how many foreign players should be allowed to play in the league? Bringing in foreign players has its pros and cons. The two that stands out are:
Pro: The foreign players will bring some excitement to the league with their new skills set. Outcome may be better competition.
Con: You need a league that gives local players the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents. Too many foreign players in the league may stagnate the growth and development of Liberian players. In most of the neighboring countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast) there are limitations to having foreign players in the league.
To close, let’s do what is best for Liberians.”
Potter Gabriel does not see any big difference between the locals and the imports; “EVERY single player brought into this country this season is of the same skills or less than the Players here. Kindly bring them Harbel, it’s good for the league n ur Team. Let’s see what these have. Great Move”
Some took the time to make light of the issue. Mandingo Lass asked a comical question, “The question here is, will Bryant pass them the ball?” He was referring to the Harbel Pointer Guard who seems to be a ball hog to some.
George A Marshall also made a light hearted comment when he said, “I just hope that this one is good at free throw.” He is relating to Mighty Barrolle import Bashir who is having bad days on the charity stripes shooting way below 45% of his free throws.
Rev Caleb Dunbar for his part sees it as good for the league but his concern is it would be much better if these imports would also represent the teams when they qualify for FIBA club tournaments. “These players are only on vacation. We should not have it in a way that Liberia is a place to play basketball on vacation.” He believes it will serve the country better if these players can come along with transfer document to enable them play for the Liberian clubs internationally as well.
The LBA does have a standing rule which limits the number of imports per team. Currently only a max of five players are allowed to register for a season with the max of three can be dress for a game.
Wherever you stand on the issue, the fans are having a field day! Games involving foreign players seems to raise the most money at the gates.
What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment session below.

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  1. Abel G. Glay, Jr.

    It sounds great for more competition, if the salary of the home base players are encouraging. Meanwhile, there will be a great challenge if such implementation and hard-work been put into place. Ball is Life 💪🏀🇱🇷

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