Acting Secretary General Releases D3 Tentative Start Date

The Acting Secretary General of the Liberia Basketball Association, Mr. Fred Pratt, in a Whatsapp Group message for presidents, announced that the 3rd.Division games will kick off Saturday January 9, 2021. Only on Saturdays starting from 9 – 2pm at the Sports Commission.

He also listed the number of teams and groups they will be in.

3rd Division National Basketball League Fixture 2021.
Zone A
1. Highway Kings
2. ELWA Spartans
3. Dreamers
4. Destiny Kings
5. Vission Shooters
6. Flip Stars II
7. K- Shooters
8. T. S. Warriors
9. Caldwell Pacers
10. Island Clippers
11. New Boss Nation
12. Black Phoenix

Zone B.
1. High Landers
2. Georgia Warriors
3. Monrovia Hoopers
4. Hoops Care
5. Ducor Legends
6. Royal Legends
7. Paynesville Bolts
8. Erase Shooters
9. KA- Rockers
10. T- Gray
11. Island Wizards.

The tentative schedule for the first week as also been released:

Saturday January 9th 2021
Game 1. T- Gray ๐Ÿ†š Island Wizards
Game 2. New Boss Nation ๐Ÿ†š Black Phoenix
Game 3 Ka- Rockers ๐Ÿ†š Paynesville Bolts
Game 4. Flip Stars ๐Ÿ†š Caldwell Pacers.

Saturday January 16th 2021
Game 1. High Landers Vs Georgia Warriors 9:00 am
Game 2. Hoops Care Vs Ducor Legends 10:00 am
Game 3. K- Shooters Vs T. S. Warriors 11:00 am
Game 4. Dreamers Vs Island Clippers 12:00 noon

Saturday January 23rd 2021
Game 1. Royal Legends Vs Etaas Shooters 9:00am
Game 2. ELWA Spartans Vs K- Shooters 10:00 am
Game 3. Vision Shooters Vs New Boss Nation 11:am
Game 4. Georgia Warriors vs Island Wizards 12:00 noon

Saturday January 30th 2021
Game 1. Flip Stars II Vs Black Panthers. 9:00 am
Game 2. Highway Kings Vs ELWA Spartans 10:00 am
Game 3. Destiny Kings Vs T. S. Warriors 11:00 am
Game 4. Ducor Legends Vs Royal Legends 12:00 noon.

Not all coaches are ok with the arrangement. Coach Stone of Buchannan Braves responded in the group chat:

If we had started playing Division 3 games since the inception of the National League, lets say a game per day starting at 3PM, by now we gone far. Remember, these are kids and they are in schools and need to prepare for Sunday and School on Saturday Morning. Besides, they help their parents with works in the house and yard especially Saturday morning. What time they will have to work, leave their houses to play Game at 9AM. This is totally unacceptable. VPT and ASG, please rethink this decision Immediately and get back to us as this has to do with us all and our children.

Are you in agreement with the coach? Lets know your thoughts in the comments below.

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